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5 Easy Tips for Home Organization

Have you ever found yourself just overwhelmed at the sight or thought of a section in your house? Maybe it’s paperwork, clutter, or toys. No matter what overwhelms you, I’m here to show you easy, affordable and efficient ways to improve your home organization.


If your house is anything like mine, you find that the toys seem to be reproducing. No matter how many times you de-clutter, you are stepping on a Lego or finding a naked Barbie somewhere. Aside from our playroom upstairs, my kids constantly wanted to bring toys downstairs so they could witness my every move while cooking, cleaning, sneaking treats, etc.

We finally went out and bought an additional storage cube organizer for our family room. It matches the decor and can hide the crazy mess in a quick clean-up. You can find it in the Home Organization section at Target along with several options for cube customization.



Everyone has it. Everyone hates when you can’t find the right top for the right container… enter my organization skills! Originally, our Tupperware was all stored on a shelf in our pantry very haphazardly. Everything would fall out when you tried to grab one set (if you could match a set).

After a very frustrating meal prep day, I set off to the store to make my Tupperware life easier. I grabbed some larger baskets for the bottom containers and paper products. I grabbed a couple smaller baskets for all the lids and voila! No more expletives when I search for Tupperware.

You can find these baskets also at Target for a very reasonable price!



While we do have a linen closet in our house, it is ALL THE WAY DOWN THE HALL from our bedroom. I know, crazy right?! Okay, okay, I know I sound a bit lazy here but we rotate through towels frequently and when you are tired in the morning, already in your birthday suit, or dripping wet because you forgot to grab a new towel, you don’t want to run down the hall.

After searching a bit, we were able to find this unique and decorative wall organizer at Hobby Lobby. It’s crucial that you pay attention to their weekly ads. Hobby Lobby frequently rotates their sale items.



Mail, school notes, art work, bills, etc. All the stuff that usually ends up in a pile on the counter or stuffed in an overflowing drawer. Instead, I made my pile look neater and more attractive.

We picked a specific desk organizer from Hobby Lobby, but there are many more options to choose from depending on your style and budget.



A girl’s best friends. All. Of. The. Shoes. This was one of the biggest differences I noticed between having a girl and having a boy. My son literally has maybe two pairs of shoes each season. Tennis shoes (or sandals if it’s warm) for everyday use and some dressier loafers for nice occasions.

My daughter on the other hand, rotates through shoes on a daily basis. I was tired of them being thrown into her closet in a mixed-up mess. Instead, I grabbed this hanging dorm organizer for her closet. It’s perfect and for the most part, she can reach the majority of the slots.

Coming back to one of my favorite places, this came from Target. Very inexpensive and durable.


As a self-proclaimed organization freak, I actually enjoy finding better and more efficient ways to tidy up my house. I love an organized look and can’t stand clutter. This is my zen.

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