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5 Reasons I Shop on Amazon for Household Essentials

This post is sponsored by Kimberly- Clark Family Care Brands but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

As a busy mom, Amazon has been my go-to place for shopping. It started during the holiday season when I just didn’t want to deal with the mall or toy store. Then, Amazon became an easy way for me to grab some household essentials I forgot to order, get it within 2 days for free, and not rearrange my schedule to shop.

The more this became common practice for me, the more I realized how much more I liked doing it. This in turn made me find better and more efficient ways to do it.


Timing is everything and when you are a busy mom, you have very little time to sacrifice. I can keep my shopping list right in my cart and voila! There are options to order a batch order or Buy-It-Now with just 1 click.

In addition to have very little time to spare, I feel as though my mom brain works in overtime most days. This leaves very little room for remembering to buy an item that I forgot to write down. As soon as the memory pops in my head, I can login to Amazon on my desktop, tablet, or phone and add it to my shopping cart from anywhere.

Household essentials

As I began to order more household essentials on Amazon, I realized the huge benefit from subscribing to those items. You can easily set up when you will likely need more and save money by doing so. Plus, if you subscribe to 5 or more products you can receive an additional 15% off. It is not only helping my wallet but my minimal memory space to order more household items before we are out!


Some of my regular Amazon purchased household essentials include toilet paper, paper towel, and tissues. We tend to go through these items like crazy in my house. Purchasing these items on a regular basis can be expensive. But, on Amazon, it doesn’t have to be (plus, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity).

Kleenex is currently our favorite brand of tissues, especially the Soothing Lotion tissues. I actually make sure to regularly order this brand. It seems like there is always someone in our house that has a runny nose. So, in an effort to make it hurt less and clean up the snot more, I make sure to order the Kleenex Sooth Lotion tissues.

Household essentials

In addition, we also fell for the Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper. I can only reuse toilet paper rolls so much as toys for my children before it just looks like they are playing with trash. Eventually, the rolls they play with get ripped, destroyed, and just tossed out. In an effort to eliminate the amount of trash we are producing as a family, we started using Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper. We didn’t have to sacrifice quality and the price point is great!

As part of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Kleenex, along with Scott, Viva, and Cottonelle, has partnered with WWF and Forest Stewardship Council®. This added benefit to purchasing household essentials only makes me feel better about my choice to purchase them for our family.

When you go through as many paper-based products as my family does, it makes me feel better to know that my products are certified FSC products. What does this mean? Purchasing FSC certified products come from a responsibly managed forests around the globe protecting forests for generations to come. This opens the door for conversations with my children about protecting their planet for their future.


As I mentioned above, subscribing to household essentials through Amazon is key. After you subscribe to five products, you get an additional 15% off.

The great thing about buying Kimberly-Clark products (Kleenex, Cottonelle, Scott, and Viva) is not just that they are helping to protect our forests for future generations with their partnership with WWF and FSC. But, the Kimberly-Clark Corporation is also running a sweepstakes for a chance to win the adventure of a lifetime to Banff, Canada. The Kimberly-Clark Corporation wants to bring awareness to the importance of choosing products that use fiber from responsibly managed forests.

Household essentials

So, in additional to saving money on the subscribe feature on Amazon, you can also possibly win the chance to take a trip to Banff, Canada when you purchase Kimberly-Clark products.


Who doesn’t like to save money?! I love to spend it so I have to also be aware of ways to save it, especially on household essentials!

Since Kleenex, Cottonelle, Viva, and Scott are regulars in this household, I’m all about ways in which I can save money on the brands I love. Subscribing through Amazon doesn’t just save me the headache of remembering to order, but it saves me money! Additionally, I can view all my different options of these products to decide what price point I want to reach.

With everything added to my virtual shopping cart, I can easy see my overall cost. I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible at adding the price of items in my head while in the store. I get frustrated or annoyed with myself and just end up throwing stuff in my cart. In the end, it hits my gut a little when I see the final bill.

Shopping for these household essentials on Amazon allows me the flexibility and ease of viewing my items as I add them to my cart. I can save it for later if I’m over  budget or add a few more things if I’m under.


When I shop in a store, I’m limited to the brands and quantities available at that store. The benefit of shopping for these items on Amazon is that it is rarely limited.

I can browse items for quantity and price based on the seller. I have the option to order Prime or not (but let’s be honest, I almost always keep my ‘prime only’ filter on). Amazon also brings up other similar items that people bought when they bought your item. For example, when I purchase my package of Kleenex, it might have a reminder that  a similar purchase would be Scott toilet paper. This is an amazing reminder tool when I can’t remember what else is missing from my shopping cart!

It is truly a new age of shopping. I don’t believe that people are busier than they were in the past. But, I do think people are enjoying the convenience of online shopping. It saves you time in a day when you can instead invest in family time or (heaven forbid) some relaxation!

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