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50 Ways to Pay Forward Gratitude This Season

Giving thanks this holiday season is usually the common theme. But, what I’m interested in, is how to show my gratitude and pay it forward. Here are 50 ways to try to pay forward gratitude this season: 

  1. Let someone cut in line.

  2. Hold the door.

  3. Let drivers merge in front of you.

  4. Introduce yourself to someone waiting in a long line with you.

  5. Smile.

  6. Ask someone how their day is going and mean it.

  7. Give a tip/gift card to service people in your life.

  8. Volunteer anywhere.

  9. Check-in with a coworker to see how they are doing.

  10. Grab lunch with an old friend.

  11. Send a text message to a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while.

  12. Leave kind words for your waitress (maybe even anonymously).

  13. Donate old clothes to shelters.

  14. Spend quality time with your family.

  15. Take in your city – remind yourself why you are grateful for it.

  16. Write a letter to someone special in your life reminding him/her why he/she is so special.

  17. Ask a librarian for their favorite book choice and really listen.

  18. Tell your parents you love them.

  19. Tell your spouse you love him/her.

  20. Tell your child/ren you love them.

  21. Try a new restaurant/activity your friend wants to do (even if you don’t want to).

  22. Bake/Give treats to a neighbor you haven’t met yet.

  23. Leave a nice, simple gift for your mail person.

  24. Play with your kids, like a kid.

  25. Send a genuine ‘thinking of you’ message to someone who might need it.

  26. Give something warm for the garbage men/women working tirelessly all season.

  27. Reach out to an old professor/teacher that inspired you to let them know.

  28. Write a great review for a local business.

  29. Follow a new blog and give your input.

  30. Give words of encouragement to someone regarding their goals.

  31. Stop and buy whatever that little kid is selling outside the grocery store.

  32. Offer baby-sitting help.

  33. Help someone get a parking spot in a crowded parking lot.

  34. Give someone a ‘just because’ gift – one you know they want.

  35. Pay for the person’s coffee behind you.

  36. Research how you can tutor or mentor someone.

  37. Offer up a few cents to the person in front of you who doesn’t have it.

  38. Bring soup or tea to someone who is sick.

  39. Put change in an expired parking meter.

  40. Offer your seat up.

  41. Leave anonymous, encouraging notes in your local coffee shop or library.

  42. Coordinate a donation or volunteer effort with your coworkers.

  43. Donate those old prom dresses hanging around.

  44. Compliment someone.

  45. Teach/train someone.

  46. Do a chore you normally wouldn’t do around your house.

  47. Hold the elevator for someone trying to catch it.

  48. Listen intently to the person’s story waiting in line.

  49. Donate animal food, toys, etc. to an animal shelter.

  50. Don’t let anyone pay you or reimburse you – ask them to pay forward the gratitude too.

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