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A Lesson in Firsts {It’s Never Too Late}

They say there’s a first time for everything, right? I’m not really sure who ‘they’ are but I guess they must be right. When life seems to throw crazy curve balls at you, left and right, you never seem to take a moment to stop and learn from it… at least I didn’t until recently.

My life has been a bit crazy lately. Nothing out of the ordinary crazy. Just your everyday, making sure everyone gets fed, dropped off, work gets done, appointments get scheduled, timelines get met, dinner gets made, (sleep happens at some point) kind of busy. So leave it to me to not think twice when I schedule my very inquisitive and very hesitant 3-year-old for not one, but two first time appointments in one week.

The {First} Dentist Appointment

I was most nervous for this appointment. This probably has something to do with the fact that I don’t 100% enjoy going to the dentist myself. So, when I had to look my daughter in the eye and tell her (with fake excitement) that there was nothing to be worried about and she would be just fine, I was worried she could see right through me.

On the way to the appointment, I explained to her that I would be getting my teeth cleaned as well. This seemed to relax her quite a bit. Point for mom. She was extremely clingy and wanted me to go first. Luckily, the hygentist was a high school friend of mine so I had shown Maddie her Facebook picture prior to the appointment. This also helped. Score again for mom. As I proceeded to get my teeth cleaned, Maddie warmed up and began playing with my hair. Yes, playing with my hair.

When it was her turn, she hopped on my lap and had no problem following simply instructions. She even cooperated for x-rays, which I’m told can be difficult to accomplish at her age. I was so unbelieveably impressed with this little girl (who was starting to seem not so little at the moment). This is the same girl who would cry if a strange man said ‘hi’ to her in a restaurant, or every time we even mentioned going to a doctor’s appointment.

When the appointment was finished, she looked at me and smiled. ‘That wasn’t so bad, momma.’ Later that night, she didn’t want to eat dinner because she was afraid she would get her teeth dirty.

The {First} Hair Cut

I’m aware at 3 1/2, my daughter should have probably already had her first hair cut. I don’t know what it was, procrastination, hesitation, general worry, or maybe just wanting to keep my first baby a baby. But, here we were, about to go to her first salon appointment. I was most excited for this one.

Maddie needed more convincing. She had attended her brother’s first hair cut shortly after he turned one. He hated it and screamed the entire time. It took quite a bit of explaining to make her understand how her appointment would be much different (no clippers, lots more pampering, etc.). I was starting at a loss for this battle.

On the way to the appointment, Maddie asked if I was getting my hair cut too. Guess I shouldn’t have set that prescedent. After telling her I wasn’t but that I wouldn’t leave her side because I wanted to take her picture the whole time, she hesitantly agreed. I was not making out well for this one (but I at least was able to play on her inner model).

After amping up the appointment a little more, and walking into the salon, Maddie finally seemed to relax. Getting her to hold still the whole time was another issue but, she did well overall. After the appointment she looked at me with an adventurous smile and said “she only brushed it, momma. Are you sure she cut it? We should get it shorter next time!”

She will have many, many more firsts in her life. I hope to be a part of as many of those as I can. But, I need to accept I’m going through firsts as a mom with her too. I need to take time and slow down. Learn from her as she looks to me to learn.

These two firsts in one week worked out. Maybe she’s growing up. Maybe some firsts are meant to be experienced at the right time in her life.

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