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A Mindset Shift {Maintaining Positivity}

I get asked on a regular basis how I manage to maintain everything. People think I’m crazy that I just keep taking everything on. My husband will tell you that I partly have a problem saying ‘no’ and I like to think I can do it all. I like to think that I know how to maintain balance while attempting to do it all. But, I also noticed a few months ago, I was starting to get easily stressed. I always felt like I was holding my breath and chasing the next thing. My husband felt that too. It was time for a mindset shift so we could maintain positivity.

As a whole, we agreed we would try to become more positive people. That we would try our best to find a more positive approach than a negative one. We wanted this to help alleviate stress on us and our marriage, but also help set better examples for our kids.

Here are a few ways I attempted a mindset shift in order to maintain positivity:

Enjoying My Commute

Between the stress at work and then the horrific traffic increasing my commute home, I was entering my house as a ticking time bomb. Everyone on the road drove me nuts. There always seemed to be an accident no matter what new route I decided to take that day. If I left work earlier, my commute didn’t improve, and my work suffered.

No matter the option, I came home to my husband and kids as a ball of stress. I was throwing together dinner and ready to snap at any given moment. Mindset shift required. Enter podcasts.

A lot of friends had recommended Serial, so I subscribed and was quickly addicted. Soon after I was searching for more podcasts to fill my audio library. The horrific traffic was still there, but I ignored it. Work was still stressful, but I now had an enjoyable distraction to break my mind from the stress. I actually didn’t mind when my commute would take a little longer because that meant I could listen to one episode a little more. Overall, I entered the house a much more enjoyable, positive person.

Endorphines Make You Happy

Remember that line from Legally Blonde? The one where Reese Witherspoon’s character is sure her client is innocent of murdering her husband because she is an exercise instructor. Yes, it is extremely dramatic, but I get where she was going.

Prior to having kids, I ran, a lot. Like ran in 5k’s, 10k’s, and a half marathon, a lot. After I had my kids, I let this go to the wayside. I tried to pick it back up but would get easily discouraged. But, about a month ago, I had enough. I needed to feel strong again. I needed to feel healthy again. Mindset shift required. Enter a new workout routine. 

I knew working out after work was my nemesis. I was too tired – I already get up at 5 am everyday. By the time I get the kids, get home, get dinner on the table, and get them to bed, encouraging myself to do a workout at that point seemed like a workout in itself. Instead, I decided to start waking up just a half hour earlier every morning. Yes, I know that means I get up at 4:30 am. It may sound crazy but it didn’t feel that much earlier than waking up at 5 am (which I was already used to). Sure, I may get tired a little earlier than most, but I feel as though my day starts off on such a stronger note than it used to.

You Do You, Boo

For those of you that know me, are thinking you have never heard me say this. You are right. There is probably one person in particular that is reading this thinking, “huh, I say that.” Well, to that person, you are right, because ever since our discussion at a mutual friend’s wedding a few months ago, it has stuck with me.

Society in general is extremely focused on judging others. I am first in line to admit that I am just as guilty of this. Especially prior to having children. But, recently, my husband and I have noticed, doing this has only brought negativity into our lives. Mindset shift required. Enter the laws of attraction.

We realized that if we wanted to maintain positivity in our lives and not drown ourselves in negativity, we needed to continue to attract positive thinking. As cheesy as this video may be, there is something to be said about some of its message and the power of positive thinking and the laws of attraction. It really spoke to me and my husband. It woke us both up to the idea that not only do we want to be around positive people, but we want positive people to want to be around us.

Being two pillars of positivity was not going to be an overnight transition for both my husband and myself. Just like any other big life change, it was going to take time and dedication. But, it was all going to be worth it for the sake of our kids. So they could one day accept being positive as the norm and not be as susceptible to the societal black hole of negativity and judgement.

Do you have any mindset shifts you do regularly to stay positive? Share them!

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