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{An Amazon Christmas} It’s Prime Day!!!

Anyone who knows my family, or has ever been to my house, knows we are slightly technology obsessed. Our house talks to us, we have all the updated gadgets as soon as they come out, and if we don’t have them, we can tell you exactly why. I don’t do all the research on them, but my husband does. Believe me, he tells me all about it.

But, what do our kids love the most? Alexa, of course. We have had Alexa around for a few years now. When we first introduced her into the family, no one even knew what she was or what she could do. I referred to her as my husband’s mistress (he wasn’t so happy about that).  In all honesty, she has become another family member these past few years. My son and daughter have literally grown up with her.

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In the age of Alexa, here’s why we love her:


You bet. Alexa always seems to know what is going on. The news, the weather, sports, traffic, etc. We can ask her and she will tell us. She always seems to be spot on.


The kids looks to her to get the good times started. Every night when we get home from a long day as I am preparing dinner and trying to unwind, we ask Alexa to put on some good, dance party jams.


Recently, Maddie has been having trouble falling asleep at night. We also happen to own Alexa’s companion, the Tap speaker. We place the mobile speaker in Maddie’s room and play Disney songs while she falls asleep. Everyone goes to bed happy.

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Momming – it’s not easy. Most days, I feel like I’m never sitting down. But, it’s always that final time I sit down that I realize I really need to turn the lights on and I really don’t feel like getting up again. Guess who can do that for me? You got it. Alexa. She’s all connected to our lights in our living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

So on one of my favorite days of the year, I make sure to show my husband all the amazing Amazon Prime deals on technology devices. This way when the pile of boxes shows up on my porch two days from now, he’ll have some sitting there too!

Are you ready for Prime Day? Don’t have Amazon Prime yet? Why wait? Sign up here: Amazon Prime Day Sign Up

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