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An Ode to My Labor and Delivery Nurse

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Today was the day, she said to me.

Today is the day you will meet your new baby.

This is the day we’d be planning for many weeks.

The excitement and anticipation has come to a peak.

As the reality of the situation sets in

My mind started off in a tail spin.

How can I do this? What will it be like?

Will the pain be too much? Will I be a sore sight?

Just as my breathing started to increase

A welcoming sight walked in, ready to please.

The baby is coming, you’re ready to go.

Tell me anything you need, you’re the boss of this show.

Ice chips? Cool wash cloth? Pillows galore?

You give me the word and I’ll get you more.

Her eyes and smile helped to put me at ease.

Her attitude and demeanor was definitely key.

As the pain came stronger and started to grow

She smiled and made sure I would know

Everything would be alright, I could do this.

I knew it was time as I tightly clenched my fist.

Come on, keep going, she’s almost here

Blinded in pain I could tell she was near.

Just one more push, you can do this, I promise

Suddenly I knew this was fulfilling my wish.

In an instant, euphoria came over my body

As I looked down and she handed me my baby.

Her perfect nose, mouth, and blue eyes

Tears started to fall over my smile.

Her cry a welcoming and reassuring sound

Laying on my chest, we would be forever bound.

She said “You did it, I knew you could;

You were so strong like I knew you would.”

Without her help or reassurance

I knew this day would have been a different occurrence.

‘Just a nurse’, no way, definitely more

She wasn’t just helping hands but pure heart at the core.

How she does it every day I’ll never know.

But, without her, my perfect day wouldn’t have flowed.

Not having her in the room would have caused me to curse.

This is an ode to my most amazing Labor and Delivery nurse.

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