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Back to School? Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Sanity

Is your little one heading back to school in the coming weeks? Are you excited or dreading it? Either way, you should definitely be prepared. So, this crazy over-prepared mom has some tips and tricks to prepare you and your little one for starting or returning to the school routine while maintaining your sanity!


  1. Check out some of the awesome deals and discounts on summer clothes at all your local stores now! It (hopefully) won’t be fall weather too soon and your little one will need the extra clothes.

  2. Don’t forget to grab a super cheap outfit (even if it’s on the bigger side) to keep in the classroom. We love the sale and discount tables at Target and Meijer! You can get an outfit for less than $8! Remember, it’s possible this outfit may not be worn all year – it’s just an extra for messes in the classroom!

  3. Shoes – I always spend a little more on shoes. For some reason, the cheaper ones don’t seem to last long at all when it comes to school time. Don’t worry, I don’t go crazy. You can still grab a nice pair of Stride Rite (or similar brand) shoes!


  1. For little ones – reach out to your school and find out what their daily schedules will look like and get your little one ready.

  2. Nap time is key – especially for the teachers. A lot of teachers will utilize this time to make sure all the take home items are ready to go and organized for the parents so it is helpful if the children are actually used to sleeping.

  3. If they don’t nap, don’t fret. Get them used to reading or relaxing on their own. You’ll be amazing what a long day in the classroom will do to tucker them out!

  4. Cut down on snacking in between meals. This was a hard one for me to break. There is not an open door pantry at school like there may be at home. They usually get a designated snack time and lunch time. Make sure your child gets used to eating at those designated times instead of a free-for-all.

Get Excited

  1. Your nerves, as well as your child’s nerves, are going to be in high gear right before school starts up. Whether your child is starting school for the first time, or returning to a new classroom with new kids, there are things to be nervous about. So, feed those nerves with excitement!

  2. Take your child out and let them pick out a fun backpack. Even if they are too young to need one, let them pick one out to take their art projects home in. It will make them feel special.

  3. Talk to them about school so they know what to expect. Take advantage of any classroom visit days your child’s school has to offer. It can tremendously help the transition.

  4. Start a fun tradition. Whether it is a chalkboard, a sign, or a frame, start something simple and fun that you can get your child excited to do at the beginning of each school year.

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