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Confession: My Daughter Gets the Best of Me

Seriously. Most days this whole parenting thing seems anything but in the bag. Who knows, maybe that means I’m actually doing something right … or something uplifting like that.

Sure the photos of my daughter are adorable, but inside is hiding a challenger. She challenges my every move. She’s super smart; sometimes scary smart. Plus, don’t even get me started on her memory. She will hold something over your head if you even mentioned it in passing.

She’s witty and sassy and everything that will probably make her an incredibly successful woman one day. But, right now, these days, my daughter is getting the best of me.

My close family and friends laugh at me and basically (not even in a nice way) tell me I’m just looking in a mirror. I guess that’s true. She’s a mini-version of me. Which in a sense, makes me really happy and proud. It’s amazing to see this little girl and know she is so much like the mother that did so much to make her a reality.

But, what no one can ever prepare you for is trying to find some middle ground. Most days I feel like I am arguing with a smaller version of myself. I have to confess, in my exhaustion, she wins more than she should. But it is because I know I am fighting with a mini version of my competitive self so I know she won’t back down. I must concede.

Don’t get me wrong, my daughter isn’t running our household. She still goes to bed when I tell her to, brushes her teeth, eats dinner, and minds her manners. But, in the little, every day battles, I think she has a few extra wins in her column.

I think I became so tired of suppressing who she truly was inside (being a lot like me): challenging, strong-willed, smart, bold, out-going, and talkative. But mostly, I also became tired of all the arguing. It’s exhausting. She would meltdown; I would meltdown later. It was a bad scene for all involved.

Yes, my daughter gets the best of me but that’s ok. I am ok. We are figuring it all out as we go.

So, to all you moms out there feeling like your child is getting the best of you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I repeat, you are not alone! This parenting thing is hard, really, really hard. We get so wrapped up in the excitement of who our child will look like, we never wrap our heads around what it will be like to raise a child just like us.

Just pray for me during her teen and college years please!!

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