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Detroit Has My Heart

I lived in Detroit. I started a career in Detroit. I fell in love in Detroit. Detroit has my heart.

Prior to getting married and having kids, my husband and I lived in an awesome condo on the riverfront in downtown Detroit. It was a different version of Detroit than you see now. There weren't many restaurants that stayed open after the 9-5 hours during the week. The fun shops, festivities, and gatherings just didn't exist yet.

But, we had all we needed. We lived next door to Joe Louis Arena and could grab tickets to a Red Wings game any time. The people mover (non-Detroiters think a metro but on a very small scale) came right to our place and could take us to some of our favorite bars. And, as a early 20-something, all you need are some fun bar nights with no concern about driving (youngens - this is a time when Uber and Lyft did not exist).

Aside from the fun times, we had extremely memorable times down there too. We had our first date downtown. I moved in with a boyfriend for the first time. I fell truly in love for the first time. We shot our engagement photos all over the city we loved. And, we started our life as newlyweds in Detroit.

We watched the Red Wings win another Stanley Cup, celebrated at HockeyTown, and walked to the parade days later. I trained along the riverfront for a half-marathon, which I completed in Detroit. We attended the Final Four at Ford Field to watch Michigan State win.

Shortly after becoming newlyweds, I landed my dream job with a firm right downtown. I continued to work in the city for eight more years. Now that I'm writing from home, I miss being in the city daily. It feels a little like I'm missing out on all the action. Because even when I wasn't living in Detroit, I still worked there and felt its' energy.

When we added our third kiddo to the bunch, we had just finished our basement remodel. The goal was always to find cool art work to display to show our connection to the city. But, life with three kids happened and we never got around to it.

Until now. Recently, a company reached out to me to review their product. I could not be more pleased. Mapiful is a customizable art company that takes your home decor to the next level. It's not just an art peace that speaks to you but is a part of who you are.

Maybe you are really into your zodiac sign, star gazing, or want to put a different spin on a family photo, Mapiful has those options. Maybe there's a city that holds a special place in your heart too. With so many customizable creations, you will be pleased with the personal touch to your art work. It is extremely user friendly and fun to design.

I'm happy to say that our delay in decorating our basement renovation has benefited us. Now, after adding this art work, we can say we have a piece of Detroit in every space of our home.

Even though we've made our way to the suburbs, and created a houseful of kids, Detroit will always be our start. It will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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