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Did You Just Call Me Ma’am? Why I Fell For Saranghae.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Saranghae and contains affiliate links. I may have received free product or commission from Saranghae. However, I only write about products and services I truly love. All opinions are my own. 

I knew this day was coming. I was never one to focus on age. I never thought I would need anti-aging products, like Saranghae. It never really seemed to matter. Even when I became a mom. Sure, it was a big deal, becoming a mom. But, it didn’t age me. Maybe it had something to do with my mom. My whole life, people were surprised by how young she looked. People never believed she was old enough to be my mom.

Sarb Parents

When I turned 30, just a few weeks before I had my second baby, it started to hit me. It wasn’t the number itself. The memory of what thirty seemed to me as a child is what did it. My child self has a memory of an older adult being at least 30. Well, that’s me now.

This new year, I’m going to be turning 32. For some reason, each year in my thirties is bringing with it a whole new struggle of old. I know, I know. Some of you are just rolling your eyes so big right now. But, I can’t quite explain it other than this scenario.

I was always referred to as ‘Miss’ or ‘Ms’ when I was out in public. Even after I proudly displayed with wedding rings with pride, it was clear people assumed I appeared much younger. Lately though, I must appear… let’s just say weathered.

I was out shopping (without my kids) and I was gathering my bags into my cart. It was after work so I was dressed in business attire. As I walked away from the counter, the cashier simply said, “have a nice day, Ma’am.”

Ugh. My stomach dropped a bit. I forced a smile and said thank you. But, as I walked to my car all I could think was walking back in there and shouting, ‘Excuse me Sir, did you just call me Ma’am?” In my head I’m of course over-analyzing the situation. Do I look like a ma’am? I thought I still looked more like a Miss. What is it that makes me look like a ma’am? It is my clothes? Maybe my lack of sleep. Maybe the frown lines in my head.

I know this all sounds ridiculous to most. Or maybe it doesn’t. Maybe you are sitting there reading this thinking, man, I do the same thing, just in a different way. Why in the world do we let the smallest (well-intended) things get to us?

Here’s the thing, I could sit here and preach that I’m going to change. That I’m going to be a better person and not care what people think. I will try really, really hard to make sure I break that societal standard for my daughter. But, the truth is, I’ve had almost 32 years of that being the norm for me. It’s just starting to become the norm for our society now. So, there’s hope… but for me, well, let’s just say, it’s going to take baby steps.

For now, I’ll use the products of my friends at Saranghae. They are helping me feel more confident on the outside so I can build up that confidence on the inside. Yes. I’m talking about anti-aging products at the age of 31. It’s crucial. I know it might sound crazy but I don’t want to be the woman in my 50’s or 60’s worried about my next cosmetic appointment. I want natural, youthful looking skin that will last. I want a face that doesn’t care anymore if she is called Ma’am because she knows how great it looks.

Saranghae Package
Applying Saranghae

The products are great for my skin and quick to use. They are light and smell fantastic. As someone who has always struggled with sensitive skin, I can say this line of products passed the test. The package came with a very easy to follow step-by-step guide as to what products to use when and what it was best used for. It truly helped out this anxiety-ridden momma.

Well, my over analytical self can’t be changed. That’s for sure. She’s been around my whole life. I know it’s something I need to work on and I plan to try my best not to impose it on my daughter. But, for now, I will do little things to help my outward appearance make my inner me feel a little better. It’s hard sometimes to only support your inner you. Sometimes you need to boost both parts of you. If that’s restoring your youth and hiding those weathered eyes, then do it!

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