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Does It Get Easier? Maintaining (Raising) Toddlers

Nausea, heartburn, aches, and pains.

Squeezing into clothes that just don’t fit the same.

It’ll get easier they said. 

Push, just a little more, she’ll be here soon.

Her beautiful face will make you swoon.

It’ll get easier they said. 

The crying, anxiety, and sleepless nights.

Truly testing ones patience and causing marital fights.

It’ll get easier they said. 

Child-proofing at every turn, no matter what it could be.

Waiting, with cameras ready, for there are first steps to see.

It’ll get easier they said. 

Several clothes changes later and trips to the bathroom.

You think she’s finally got it when you realize you’ve spoke too soon.

It’ll get easier they said. 

Crying at drop-off and not wanting you to leave.

But through the window she’s smiling with friends, you see.

It’ll get easier they said. 

Suddenly there’s attitude with everything she says.

Her own mind, her strong-will, it’s what she does.

It’ll get easier they said.

Will it get easier though, with each step we reach?

Will each age come with challenges that seem hard to teach?

Will it get easier as we move from toddler to young girl?

Will the teenage years be toughest? Will we succeed or fail?

Will we ever just be able to enjoy these fleeting times?

Will we look back at them and see how quickly they passed us by?

Will we focus on the wrong things, when really everything is just fine?

Will we realize we never expected this to be easy, so hard will give us time.

Hard means we are involved, hard means we are trying.

Hard means we are teaching, hard means we can get her future flying.

Easy never gets you anything truly worth getting.

Anything easy tends to feel like simply settling.

So why do ‘they’ tell us it will get easier if it will not?

Because if we knew we didn’t have a chance, would we even give it a shot?

Each day that passes with new challenges to meet.

So we will take on the task and not accept defeat.

In the end, the future of our children matters most, over and above.

So, we will teach, learn, and most of all love.

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