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Finding Joy In Quarantine

In these uncertain times, we hold on to hope that we're through the worst of it, we won't have to do this much longer, and we won't have any more freedoms taken away.

But, here's the thing, we probably haven't seen the worst of it, it likely will last longer than we originally anticipated, and as people ignore the warnings to shelter in place as much as possible, it is likely that more freedoms will have to be taken away.

I'm really not trying to be all doom and gloom here. Believe me, we see enough of that on the news. I'm realistic. I always have been. Sometimes that can come off as hard and insensitive. But, during this time of quarantine, I've actually come to find joy even in our hardest recent times as a country.

Family Time

It's crazy to think how much we used to be anywhere but home. Whether it was birthday parties, hanging out with friends and other family, or just general errands, we seemed to be at home very little in our downtime. Not to mention, school and work, which kept us from the house for a large portion of each day.

Sure, we've had to figure out a new normal working at home and schooling at home. But, it has allowed us to slow down and just be with each other. My husband owns his own business and is often gone before the kids are awake and rarely home in time for dinner.

Now, he's just upstairs in his makeshift office where he can be more flexible with the hours he is putting in and can see the kids when they wake up and join us for dinner each night. He can take a break from work in the evening to enjoy down time with us to make a puzzle or play a game. Then, he can head back upstairs after bedtime to get some more work done. Sure, he's still stressed in general (not much has changed there) but he is able to take breaks to enjoy the people he loves.

Slower Pace

Normally, we would be scrambling each morning to get out of the house. The kids never seem to move as fast as necessary and the day starts out abruptly. The remainder of the day is so structured around when the kids will get home from school, planning dinner, and nighttime routines that it can feel like I don't exhale until I lay in bed for the night.

Now, my husband and I are waking up to a later alarm. The kids are sleeping in a bit. We are all able to have a relaxing breakfast before we get started on some school work for the day. We are still incorporating routine but in a more laid back kind of way.

The weather has held up lately (thankfully) and we have enjoyed peaceful strolls through the neighborhood and local trails to talk about nature and learning. This slower pace has allowed more laughter and less stress in our house.

Gratitude and Reflection

I can honestly say I don't think I've ever had the chance to feel so grateful for my family. There have definitely been feelings of this but with our everyday craziness, something distracts me and the feeling is over quickly.

Now, I've had the time to really appreciate and observe my children. They are amazing little humans. Each of them is at a different stage of learning and development. I've been given the opportunity to just watch them as they discover things in the world.

Speaking of appreciation, man am I appreciative that I choose right in the spouse department. Not only do we work well together in these uncertain and stressful times, but we are truly enjoying each other's company. We ebb and flow so well together that I wouldn't want to be quarantined with anyone else!

I know that this quarantine will eventually end and life will go back to a new normal. My daughter's love of school will only make me happy to see her back there again. Being able to socialize with friends and family more will unbelievably welcoming. But, for now, I can still find joy in the little things in quarantine.

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