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Finding My Inner Interior Designer

After our third move, I had built up enough practice in decorating our homes to make it appear as though I had some interior design in my background. After all that practice, I also figured out ways in which to keep my spending smart, sticking to some of my favorite places, Target, Home Goods, Marshalls, and Hobby Lobby. 

Step 1: Painting

  1. Whether you hire a painter or do it yourself, find a palate of the type of paint you will use to narrow down your color scheme.

  2. This step can get overwhelming so instead of choosing a different color for every room, only pick about 5 colors total.

  3. We kept our bathrooms and laundry room all the same colors. Every bedroom also was the same color. You would never notice because your can drastically change the look of a room with decor.

  4. Pick one accent room. This was hard for me because I am a basic, earth tone person. My husband likes bolder colors. We tried this in our office and it actually turned out really well. It’s one of our favorite rooms.

  5. Decide if you are a fan of the natural wood look for your trim or if you will be painting all the trim white (make sure all the white matches).

  6. Make sure to also paint the ceilings as well. While this step seems annoying, we skipped it at our last house and we regretted it.

Step 2: Furniture

  1. When we sold our last house, it was an interesting situation. The buyer asked if we were interested in selling/leaving any of our current furniture. Since in the end it is less to move, we negotiated prices and agreed.

  2. What this meant was we would be starting mostly from scratch at our current home. While this is not in any way a pitch for Art Van, we have found after 3 moves, that their furniture seems to last and they also have decent financing options.

  3. You don’t always have to get the full set – you can combine different pieces (this can also save some money).

  4. Look for sales for smaller items like lamps, end tables, and wine storage, etc.

Step 3: Decor

  1. Pick an accent color. You can either use the same one throughout your house or switch it up in each room.

  2. Sticking to accent colors allows you to easily find decor for each room that you can change out after time if you are anything like me and get bored with the decor after times passes.

  3. Accent color in decor is easier to change than paint. Always remember this.

  4. Less is more. I am a big fan of keeping a cleaner look so the house can be easily cleaned and stay that way!

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