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Growing Roots Box Review

Recently, we were lucky to connect with Growing Roots and try out their August subscription box. This subscription box has awesome, creative, and definitely helpful items for this toddler mom. Even though in no way, shape, or form do I feel like I am a new mom, in the overall scheme of things, I am. And when it comes to needing an assist, boy oh boy, are there definitely days when I need it.

As a control freak and a lover of organization, this mom was in love with not only the way the box was packed and explained but head over heels for the personalized, weekly family dinner menu chalkboard. Not only does it fit well with any type of decor but it helps us stay on track and on budget for our meal planning and grocery shopping.

Ok, so next up is by far the cutest part of the box for sure. I might have to order a second set of these utensils and plate because my two kiddos are arguing over who gets it each night. The plate is super cute and actually gets the kids excited to eat dinner. The travel utensils work well for the simple fact that my youngest always wants to use a fork just like his big sister but yet can’t seem to operate a regular-sized one as well just yet. This is a perfect diaper bag (okay, okay – it’s my second kid so purse) insert to travel to restaurants.

Another perfect diaper bag (err… purse) add-in are these next two items. Let’s start first with the crucial hand sanitizer. I must confess, I’m not the best about it. I always have some in my bag, but the reason I’m not constantly using it, the smell and the stickiness. I hate it. What I absolutely LOVE about this hand sanitizer – it’s the opposite. The tea tree and orange essential oils hide the typical medicinal hand sanitizer smell while allowing it to moisturize as well.  This, coupled with ‘Open In Case Of Tantrum’ jelly beans saved this toddler mom more than once on her recent trip alone to the zoo with her two little ones!

My family is all about being screen free at dinner time. That means TV off, phones and iPads down and away. Sure, we have plenty to talk about with our chatty three-year-old but as a whole, mom and dad tend to be tired at the end of a long day. We will put music on in the background but that just ends up being empty noise. This family game is perfect for our dinner table. We have utilzed just a couple so far to see what fun answers we can all come up with and it has really helped keep things interesting and interactive for our family.

A last minute add-on that I couldn’t resist was this more-than-necessary Under Eye Balm. I’ve never been a huge essential oils user but I’ll have to say, I will be after this product. I’m a pretty regular restless sleeper. I’m pretty sure that is a quality you inherit as soon as you become a mom. However, a little bit of this under eye balm just before I lay my head down at night and I’ve been sleeping like a baby. Even better, I seem to be sleeping like my husband!

The Simonie Family is definitely enjoying this month’s Growing Roots subscription box and can’t wait to see what is in store for next month!

Disclaimer: I may have received free or discounted items for purposes of this review. However, anything written on Maintaining Meghan are the opinions of me, myself, and I. I will only write about companies I absolutely love and support. 

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