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How to Break into Natural Products Without Breaking the Bank

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Learning more about the products I was using regularly on myself and my children was eye-opening. The fact that I couldn’t pronounce most of the ingredients was enough to make me want to make some changes. But, when I went to start purchasing… my bank account had other plans.

The expense of replacing all care products into natural care products was overwhelming. I decided to reset and slowly replenish items as I needed them. I researched each item and went through a bit of trial and error.

Now, I would like to use my research to help the next desperate mom trying to be more educated on care products without feeling overwhelmed.

The following is a list of items I slowly replaced and now love:

Hair Care

  1. The Seaweed Bath Co. had great reviews for dry hair and is available for Amazon Prime.

Seaweed Bath Co. Shampoo & Conditioner

  1. Love Beauty & Planet is sold on Amazon as well as local box stores like Target, Walmart, and CVS.

Love Beauty & Planet Shampoo & Conditioner


  1. Physician’s Formula is a favorite of mine. I use both the mascara and eye shadow from their line. You can buy this line pretty much anywhere.

Physician’s Formula Mascara

Physician’s Formula Eye Shadow

  1. Bare Minerals is great for cover-up and available at Ulta and Amazon. I use the compact lose powder. I love the coverage and lightness of the lose powder but didn’t like the mess. This is the best of both worlds!

Bare Minerals BarePro

Body Care

  1. My skin is super sensitive so using a good product here was crucial. I really like either Jason’s or Renpure body wash. They are both light and get the job done.

Jason’s Body Wash

Renpure Body Wash

  1. When it comes to deodorant, I’ve tried so many natural brands. But, when I finally found one that didn’t irritate my skin, prevented excess sweat, and lasted throughout the day, I bought it in bulk! Schmidts’ Charcoal + Magnesium was the big winner here.

Schmidts’ Deodorant – 3 Pack

  1. Another shout out to The Seaweed Bath Co. for lotion. Their firming detox lotion is amazing for any part of your body. It really helped my dry skin and smells outstanding!

Seaweed Bath Co. Detox Cream

Face Care

  1. I’ve still stuck to my favorite face wash brand – just the natural version. Aveeno Naturals has always been great for my skin and is easy to find just about anywhere!

Aveeno Cleanser

  1. Svasthya Essential Oils Face Butter – this is one of those products I take everywhere with me. I love the feel of it on my face and the smell is even better. I feel hydrated and refreshed. The price point is also one to love because at $10 or less on Amazon, it lasts for months.

Svasthya Face Butter

  1. Find a friend that sells Beauty Counter. You can find my friend here: I’m totally hooked on their anti-aging products. While a little pricier, it still doesn’t break the bank. A little bit truly goes a long way!

Children’s Hair Care

  1. Honest. We love it and stick to it for both shampoo and conditioner. It smells great, works well, and is easy to find for consistent supply.

Honest Shampoo & Conditioner

Children’s Body Care

  1. Honest wins again. I use Honest for both my older two kids and a light baby wash for my youngest, 6 month old. Their skin seemed to bear the cold weather this past winter amazingly well.

Honest Body Wash

  1. Honest or Aveeno Baby. These are great for giving the kids some extra suds for fun bath time without feeling grimy.

Honest Baby Bubbles

Aveeno Baby Bubbles

While I’m still slowly replacing many other items in my care products, I feel I’ve made a great start. So, now you can too!

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