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How to Make A Teacher Survival Kit

So your little one went back to school? Maybe you cried a little a drop off. Maybe you did a happy dance. Either way shouldn’t we help a teacher out? These are the men and women shaping the future of our children!

Here is a quick, inexpensive, and simple teacher survival kit you can put together for your child’s teacher.

Keep It Clean

Yep. Get ready for your kids to get sick. It’s definitely going to happen. So help a teacher out by grabbing them some extra cleaning and disinfecting supplies.

More often then not, teachers are supplying their classrooms out of their own pockets. We all know teachers are not known for brining in million dollar salaries. If they are going to help shape my child’s mind, the least I can do is help keep them well enough to be there!

So Many Runny Noses

With the inevitable sicknesses approaching throughout the school year, extra tissues are crucial. I’m a big fan of the tissues with the added lotion. No one wants a sore nose after all that wiping!

There are some awesome soft packs that are larger now too – perfect for a teacher’s desk!


Do you remember school? I do. I remember how dry it was. All. The. Time. So what are the next few items we add to the teacher survival kit? Lotion and chopstick. Definitely necessary.

I made a point to grab some lotion that I loved and also some chap stick with cocoa butter. Hopefully helpful to keep those hands and lips from cracking into the cold weather.

Supplies, Supplies, Supplies

Who said they have to be boring? Hello Target dollar spot. I grabbed some clips, pencils, crayons, and glue in super cute cases and colors.

Treats are Sweet

Who doesn’t like something a little extra? For my daughter’s teachers, I stuck with a bunch of gum. I wasn’t sure on their sweet tooth preferences so I figured gum was a safe bet!

Have any other great ideas that you and your little ones did for their teachers? Share it with me, please!

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