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How to Make Trolls Pumpkins in Time for Halloween: Easy DIY Steps

Are your kids as Trolls obsessed as mine? Do you have debates in your household about whose better? My daughter is all team Poppy. But, me, I’m all on team Branch, for obvious reasons. (My husband is well aware of my celeb crush, it’s no secret).

When we found the photos of some Trolls-inspired pumpkins, we knew we had to take a stab at it. It looked like it may be a tall order, but we decided we could do it for this Trolls-obsessed household. In the end, it was way easier than I expected!

Here are the super basic, easy, and straightforward steps to follow if you want to make your own Trolls-inspired pumpkins (and in time for Halloween)!


  1. Large Pumpkins

  2. Glue gun

  3. Scissors

  4. Black permanent marker

  5. Acrylic craft paint (pink, blue)

  6. Green felt (Branch’s ears, nose)

  7. Pink felt (Poppy’s ears, nose)

  8. Medium size googly eyes (4)

  9. Headbands (1 pink, 1 blue – the cheaper the better – you want them to bend)

  10. Tulle (2 shades of blue, 1 shade of silver, 2 shades of pink)

  11. Silver gems (12)

  12. 1 leaf – Branch’s hair

  13. 3 blue flowers – Poppy’s headband

  14. 1 blue barrette – Poppy’s hair

  15. 2 rubber bands


  1. Head to Hobby Lobby with your list. You can get everything there (excluding the pumpkins) for pretty cheap. Check your coupon apps – there are always coupons. Also, some of these items (i.e., headbands, leaf, flowers) will be in their clearance section.

  2. Prep your pumpkins. Wipe them down with some paper towel and Windex. Make sure to get any excess dirt off the pumpkins so the paint will go on smoothly.

  3. Once the pumpkins are clean and dry, start painting. Leaving the stem on, paint as close to the bottom of the pumpkin as possible and as close to the stem. Acrylic paint dries fast so if you are including your little one, make sure they have on clothes you aren’t worried about getting messy.

  4. While the pumpkins are drying, start working on the headbands. Cut strips of tulle for each color. For Branch, I cut 3 of each color (9 total). For Poppy, I cut 5 of one shade of pink and 4 of the other (9 total). I measured a little longer than my arm’s length for each piece. Tie the pieces of tulle, alternating colors, onto the headbands. Once all the tulle is tied, take one rubber band and wrap it around toward the top of the tulle, blousing the tulle out a bit to create the hair look.

  5. Time to bust out the glue gun. Once it is hot enough, use the glue gun to adhere the three flowers to the Poppy’s headband. Clip the barrette onto the rubber band. Poppy’s headband is ready. Clue the leaf onto Branch’s headband. Branch’s headband is ready.

  6. Next cut half circles out for ears and narrow shapes for a nose in the pink and green felt. Set aside.

  7. At this point, the pumpkins should be dry. Make sure you are somewhere you can plug-in your glue gun for the next steps.

  8. Glue down the sides of the headband directly to the pumpkin. Glue portion of the tulle that is rubber banded to the top of the pumpkin stem.

  9. Glue the eyes, nose, ears, and gems in the appropriate areas.

  10. Finally, use the black permanent marker to draw eye brows, eye lashes, and mouths. You’re done!

We were so happy with how our Trolls-inspired pumpkins turned out and even happier with how easy they were to complete!

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