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Learning to Become the Yes Mom

Don’t worry, my children won’t be tearing apart the store shelves, that is not what I mean. I’m usually so wrapped up in order and schedule that I forget about fun. So, I’m learning to become the yes mom.

Generally speaking, we would stick to a pretty tight schedule. Breakfast, school drop-off, grocery shopping, then back to the house for some play time. Lunch is followed by nap time, then school pick-up and dinner prep. By the time bedtime hits, and we are ready for the next day, I realize my only day off with my kids has flown by.

As part of my new year’s resolution, I’m trying to do more with the kids. I’m trying to be more active and put devices away more. This actually means asking them what they want to do. It has helped me be involved with them and see first-hand how they are developing.

“Mom, can we play outside in the rain with our umbrellas?”

“Let’s watch a movie and lay on the couch!”

“Will you just play with us in the playroom?”

Yes, yes, and yes. Learning to say yes when the dishes need to be cleaned or laundry needs to be done has been a learning curve. This control-freak, OCD, neat-freak mom is trying her best to live in the present.

Learning to become the yes mom has allowed me more memories. I don’t feel so sad about time passing by quickly. I’m enjoying the time we are spending together. We aren’t rushing through every moment. I’m not missing moments. I’m absorbing moments.

Whether we are getting messy, being lazy, or playing pretend… I’m there. I’m present. This mom is becoming the yes mom. Saying yes to opportunities, events, and fun.

I’m taking time to stop and smell the roses… or get wet in the rain.

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