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Let Them Pick Their Costumes {Breaking Away From a Theme}

As a person who likes style in her home and in the presentation of herself and her kids, it should be no surprise that I enjoy a theme. When it comes to Halloween, my husband and I always found a fun theme to dress up as from the very beginning (okay, I pushed but you get it)… first as a couple, then including our dog, then with our daughter. 

In the beginning, it was great, and of course, super cute. We won best couple’s costume out at the bar as newlyweds. When our daughter fell in love with Elmo, we made it a family affair. We were the hit of the neighborhood, plus our daughter loved it.

I guess you could say things changed a bit after we had our son. Aside from adjusting to having a two-year-old and newborn, we just moved into a new home when he was a few months old, and I was tired, really tired. Before I knew it, Halloween was fast approaching and I was desperate to find costumes. I couldn’t even begin to think about a theme. I didn’t care about what I wanted to dress up as… and I was tired, so tired.

I asked my daughter what she wanted to be. Still in her Sesame Street phase, she decided this year, Abby would be her girl. Off we went to Target. Thankfully, there was one left in her size. But as far as her brother went… I was at a loss. Since he was still a newborn, I decided Carter’s was our best bet. The only thing left in his size was a super cute Monkey costume. I grabbed it and shot out the door.

There was no theme. We didn’t dress up. But the kids were happy. The one nice thing about picking up last minute costumes? They are usually already priced at least at a 20% discount.

Surprisingly enough, this year they actually both can tell me what they want to be and my son copies everything his sister does. So, when she told me she wanted to be Anna, it didn’t take long for her to tell her brother he should be Olaf and for him to get on board! Easy enough for me! Now to find that discount…

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