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Maintaining Meghan: Flaws and All

From a very young age, I was always a talker. I never minded sharing my feelings or being loud about it. In the delicate words of my brother, “the house got so much quieter at dinner time when you left for college. I could actually talk…” I was also a control freak and a do-er. I didn’t like to stand around and wait for things to happen to me, I liked to make them happen.

You would think that this would make me the person that was in Broadway shows, but no, I also was not a huge fan of being the center of attention. I enjoyed being recognized for my achievements but put me in front of a large group of people and make me share my opinions in a microphone … my voice would quiver, my hands would shake, and I’m pretty sure the lights in the room somehow increased their temperature.

Through my teenage years, (and early adulthood, let’s be honest) I always worried about what everyone thought of me. I started to reserve my opinions more in public and only speak my mind in the comforts of my own home. It wasn’t until after I had my daughter that I realized I had a duty as her mom to be a strong role model for her. It was important that I own my decisions, accept my flaws, and have confidence in my strengths. I knew as a new mom I was going to make mistakes. But I never hid that from anyone. I find learning opportunities in my own mistakes but I find humor in them too. That’s why I’ve decided to share pieces of my world with the rest of the world. If I can help just one other mom find humor in a failure or lighten a mistake or learn that you don’t always have to do it all (even when you want to), I will have done something.

So, sit back and enjoy as I tell real stories of maintaining motherhood, marriage, and just me. The stories may get raw, emotional, funny, inspirational, informational, or anything in between. But they will always be one thing, they will be real. They will highlight my mistakes and my failures and let you know I’m okay with it, because I’m learning. But they will also highlight my achievements, because my children’s confidence will be built on the confidence they see in their mother.

Along the way I plan to share stories of other moms that have inspired me as well. Whether they have helped me through a hard day or just helped me discover a better baby carrier, these moms are my inspiration, not my competition and they are the ones that help me maintain ME.

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