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Making Dinnertime Easier This Summer

This post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

There’s nothing better after a long day of work than coming home and putting your feet up. Except, if I tried doing that, I’d get seven complaints of “I’m hungry” and arguments would start, and everyone would be hangry. As a working mom, you don’t get to come home and put your feet up. You immediately enter dinnertime prep. After a long summer day for your kids, they are always starving!

So, how do I simply my life and make dinnertime easier in the summer? We have an easy pizza night with Red Baron Classic Crust Pizza. It’s an prep (aka no prep) and takes very little time in the oven. Best of all, my kids never say no to pizza.

There are definitely days that I still take the time to cook. But, when those long summer days hit and everything in the house seems to be on fire (not literally obviously… or maybe literally if the stuff on the oven got a little neglected), an easy Red Baron pizza is the way to go.

I’m fortunate enough to be home with my kids on Monday’s. Let’s be honest, I appreciate easier mornings that don’t involve scrambling to get ready for school. We slowly wake up when everyone feels like getting up, we take our time with breakfast, and we decide what we feel like doing that day. But, when it has been a long day in the heat, or cooped up inside due to weather, everyone always seems hangry as dinnertime rolls around. Making dinnertime easier relieves a little stress off everyone. Especially when I know they will actually eat it!

Most moms know that after school kids can be hangry. But, if you give them a little snack, they can last a bit longer. School has tired them out for the day and they have very little energy to put up a fight.

After a long summer day, the kids are so over snacks. Likely, because I’ve been throwing snacks at them every couple hours. It’s like an entire schedule goes out the door. Breakfast, snack, snack, lunch, snack, snack, snack… By the time we are nearing dinnertime, no one wants a dinner that will take forever to prepare and cook. Even if it is the best tasting dinner. By this time, we are ready to eat some delicious that doesn’t involve cheese crackers, fruit snacks, or whatever else mom has cut up and served throughout the day.

On work days, it seems even worse. Our childcare providers have gone through the same thing with my kids all day. When it’s time for us to head home, the kids are ready to eat… now. Looking around at other dinner options, there’s no way any of us would make it out of the kitchen in one piece if dinner took more than 20 minutes.

Red Baron pizza makes everyone happy. Mom doesn’t have to put a ton of effort into a meal that likely won’t get eaten. The kids are fed and actually eat the pizza. And dad seems to appreciate whatever is thrown in front of him after a long day. Red Baron is a family win!

Head over to Red Barron today!!

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