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Making Traffic Tolerable {A Podcast Review}

When I moved a little further from work a couple of years ago, the drive wasn’t horrible. As more companies have opened up downtown, great things have been happening in the city. However, with those great things come more traffic. I found myself so stressed when I would get to work and even more stressed by the time I got home. I had to find ways to making traffic tolerable. Enter podcasts.

As someone who is on the cusp of the Generation X and Millennial generations, I had admittedly not checked out podcasts until this point. Sure, I had definitely heard about them but never listened. So naturally, I went to my Facebook friends to ask for assistance.

After several recommendations, I started to make my way through the list. What surprised me the most was not the amazing stories or topics covered, but how much better they made my drive.


This captivating Season 1 story follows a young man who was accused, sentenced, and convicted of murdering his high school girl friend. With a “Making a Murderer” feel, it interviews and discusses different things that went wrong in the case. It will have you wondering if they have the right guy in jail.

Season 2 follows a controversial story straight out of Washington D.C. If you are a fan of the show “Homeland”, this podcast will definitely have your attention. It digs deep into one man’s captivity in the middle-east and why he seemingly walked right into the Taliban’s arms.


Initially, this podcast appears to be a murder mystery in a small town in Alabama. But, it captures your attention through its main character. It’s twists and turns will have you hooked.

Dirty John

This story follows a man who so desperately needs to get karma to fall down on his head. Listen as a man inserts himself into a woman’s life and attempts to destroy her family.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Whether you are a lover of Oprah or not, this podcast features many impressive and inspiring influential individuals. Authors, artists, and actors are just a few of the people to share their wisdom. It is inspiring and its positive thinking inspired me to have better outlooks on life.


As an NPR run podcast, the fact-finding and real-life stories are fantastic. It dives deeply into the invisible things that affect all of us. Whether they meet with someone who has a rare condition or just an average person with a story to tell, this podcast explores some of the amazing ways our minds work.

Sword and Scale

Following the real-life tales of American killers and how they were made, this podcast has a chilling feel. It gives a background story to many murderers and the lives they lived before they became killers.

Someone Knows Something

Two different seasons with two different unsolved missing person’s cases. One follows a case of a young boy, lost to his parents over 30 years ago. The other season brings attention to the unsolved case of a missing young woman the days after she got engaged on live TV. Both have you wanting to know more and wondering how you can help find them.

TED Radio Hour

If you have ever been interested in TED talks, this podcast is for you. It explores everyday life and why we as humans, act the way we do. For the curious person at heart, this is the perfect podcast to keep your need for education fed and satisfied.

Podcasts on Deck:

Someone Knows Something (New Season)

This podcast had me captivated with the first two seasons. It continues to follow and investigate other mysterious missing persons cases. How could I not check out new seasons?!

2 Dope Queens

Looking for a light and easy podcast, this made my list. Listening to this podcast, I have a feeling it will be one that make me look like the crazy driver, laughing to herself.

Armchair Expert

As a big hometown fan of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, this podcast is bound to be one I enjoy. His Instagram is entertaining enough to want me to check out his podcast featuring several other well-known individuals.

Coffee and Crumbs

When I need some blog and entrepreneurial inspiration, this has been rumored to be the podcast to listen. It might just be my new go-to, to get me through that rush hour traffic.

Hidden Brain

Since I loved Invisibillia, I’m thinking I will like this one as well. I’m super interested to hear all about the science behind some of our everyday thinking.

Do you have any podcast recommendations for me? Please share them!

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