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Marriage: How to Keep Honeymooning

There is so much build-up to the wedding. The engagement was perfect and now it is time to plan the perfect wedding. The wedding is impeccable. So, now it’s on to the honeymoon. It is likely the most romantic and memorable trip you will take with your now spouse.

Then you come home… and real life starts. The marriage starts.

Rumor has it the first year is the hardest. Truth is, the first year was great. The hard part truly started once kids were introduced into our marriage. You are tired, stressed, and experiencing things for the first time.

So, through all the exhaustion, stress, and new obstacles, we have found ways to make sure we keep honeymooning in our marriage.


Please acknowledge it. I cannot stress this enough. You don’t have to spend a fortune but definitely spend it with each other. Whether we go out of town or we just go to dinner, we are together and we spend time talking about us and our future.


Physical touch does the body wonders. Literally. Not a fan of the whole public thing? Okay. At least hold his/her hand in the car or lean your head on him/her while watching TV. Any little bit to show you still like the person.


When you can make each other laugh, you can find humor in even the smallest things. It also makes it easier to make light of the things in life that don’t need to cause as much stress. Laughter really can be the best medicine.


Although it is more difficult to find time with kids, we try our best to at least save some time after the kids go to bed to talk about our day and check-in with each other. We make sure to have an open line of communication which lets us continue to be on the same page with each other.

Team Player

We always have each others back. Always. When we don’t agree with each other, we call each other out. But, we make sure for the most part, we come off as one, solid team. It continues to make us stronger.

Marriage is work. It continues to evolve and you have to evolve with it. Find what works for your marriage to keep honeymooning.

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