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Preparing for Travel {With Little Ones}

We have to prepare to travel for two big airplane trips this year with our little ones. The first one is an extended weekend trip to Washington D.C. that is allowing us to prepare for our much longer trip, to Disney, later this year.

As a control freak, there is not that amps up my anxiety more than the unknowns of traveling, especially with little ones. So, I have attempted to minimize the amount of times all hell can break lose (even though I know this will likely happen).


Plan an outfit for each day, but then throw in an extra outfit or two for spills/accidents. Also, not a bad idea to have an extra outfit in your carry-on bag if you plan on checking a bag.


We actually pack extremely minimal toys. We overload on books, coloring books, iPad (gasp!), and puzzles. We find these type of toys to not only be useful because they can be quickly interchanged for their short attention spans but also they all fit incredibly nicely into the confines of a backpack.


Such a necessity – No liquids though. We pack snack packs of goldfish crackers and fruit snacks. In addition, as much as I dislike them, we also include suckers. These serve a purpose more than anything else. If the child is sucking on a sucker during take-off, he/she is less likely to have his/her ears pop. Plus, the kids think they are getting a treat!

In the end, remember you can always buy things you are likely to forget (toothpaste, hair brush, cheap swim suit, etc.). Also, don’t be afraid to ask your hotel for some of the toiletry items you have forgotten. Just because they are not supplied in your room, doesn’t mean they don’t have extras available for you!

Also, maybe try and wait to tell your child about said trip until the day or so before you leave. If possible, even on the way to the airport. Believe me, you will save yourself 5 million questions about when you are leaving and what day you get to go on the airplane, and who you are sitting with, and how much longer until the trip, etc, etc, etc. You get my point.

So sit back, relax, and try to enjoy your vacation. If nothing seems to be going your way, loosen up the purse straps and order some vacation drinks!

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