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Self-Conscious to Self-Confident {It’s All In The Smile}

Disclaimer: I may have received free or discounted items for purposes of this review. However, anything written on Maintaining Meghan are the opinions of me, myself, and I. I will only write about companies I absolutely love and support. 

When I was 8, I was riding a scooter with my friend. I was only allowed to go to a certain driveway away from her house and then back again. I made the turn too quick and bam! The scooter slipped out from under me and down to the ground I went. Unfortunately, my face made the first impact.

Luckily enough, I only had a bad cut and a huge swollen lip. No stitches necessary. My dentist didn’t see any damage to my front teeth. The only thing I really remember from the whole incident was missing out on all the fun of the last day of second grade.

As time passed, nothing else ever came of that day. But, as I got older, I started to notice my front tooth wasn’t as white as the rest. My dentist said I must have damaged a nerve when I fell and it’s now starting to show.

Before Veneer

I would ask people close to me if they noticed it. No one could tell until I pointed it out. It was an insecurity that was starting to grow stronger. Especially, as I started to whiten my teeth for my wedding.

My soon-to-be husband’s grandfather was a retired dentist and insisted that he cover the cost of a veneer. He felt that I shouldn’t have anything holding me back from smiling my biggest smile on my wedding day.

Wedding Photo

I continued to whiten my teeth, realizing this would mean I would always have to whiten my teeth. It’s not that big of a deal right? How busy could I get?

Never did I realize the stress and anxiety motherhood would bring. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom. But, finding time to brush my teeth, let alone whiten them was tough. We had moved several times and I had misplaced my whitening trays. The whitening solution was expired. All this meant a special trip to the dentist, which was more time I didn’t have.

Enter Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant

There was not one thing I had to do outside of my own bathroom. Yep. You heard me right. The process was absolutely seamless and easy and the results were phenomenal. It absolutely gave me back the confidence that I was lacking in my smile.

Whitening Trays

It’s all in the DIY. Well, mostly. Through a simple to follow, step by step process, Smile Brilliant provided me with directions to mix and prepare the trays that formed exactly to my teeth. I was able to do this all from the comfort of my own bathroom in just minutes.

After the trays have had time to dry and set, you package them up in the pre-labeled envelope and send them back to their labs. You get updates along the way letting you know where your trays are in the process.

Whitening with Smile Brilliant


Once the whitening trays arrived, and were ready for use, I was giddy with excitement. But, when would I find time to start whitening again? Well, why not when I’m writing at night? When I’m binge watching shows after the kids have gone to bed. Or maybe even when I’m just relaxing after a long day. Either way, it was that easy.

You can decide how long you want to whiten for based on your own sensitivity and yellowing. Plus, the package also comes with desensitizing gel. This helps to prevent teeth sensitivity and future staining.


I consisting preach how important it is for me to maintain balance. In order to add anything to my routine, it must not add any time to it.

Depending on the desired results, you can whiten for 45 minutes or more. In just a few weeks, you can have amazing results! I could whiten while I was doing my make-up in the morning, or taking it off at night. It fits into your routine no matter where you place it! Don’t you want to smile fearlessly again?

Applying MakeUp - Smile Brilliant

The results don’t lie. In just a few weeks of implementing Smile Brilliant into my routine, my teeth have become noticeably whiter.

Smile Brilliant

If you are ready to smile fearlessly too, then enter the giveaway here: It is open for a 1 week after the date of this post to all USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents.

But, if you can’t seem to wait long enough to find out if you won this amazing giveaway and MUST start whitening now, you can use my code: maintainingmeghan10 to get 10% off starting today!

Tooth Whitening Gel

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