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The Most Important Thing in My Spring Cleaning Toolkit

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Recently, we made the decision to take on cleaning the house ourselves. Most reactions we received were thoughts of utter craziness. It was hard to understand how we could forgo a biweekly cleaning service to take it on ourselves instead. Determined to be more intentional with our cleaning time, we enlisted the help of the Libman Tornado Mop. It is definitely the most important thing in my Spring cleaning toolkit.

For the most part, cleaning the house ourselves has been a smooth transition. The kids are more than willing to participate and we do a pretty good job as a family. It gives us family time and gets the house ready for Spring.

But, what we started to notice were some frustrations with cleaning the floor. We have wood floors throughout most of our first floor. No matter what we used, it never seemed to get all the dirt and dust off the floor.

The dirt would get pushed to the corners and sides of the floor or it would end up looking extremely streaky after we were through. There is nothing more frustrating than putting effort into cleaning a house that doesn’t look spotless in the end. It feels like a total waste of time.

So, as parents who want to spend as much free time as possible with their kids, but also want a clean house, we started to look for alternative cleaning options. Luckily, we discovered the Libman Tornado Mop.

Since we needed a mop that didn’t just clean our hardwood floors but also our tile floors, this multi-surface mop did just the trick. Its wide and much larger mop head than we had previously used with other mops seemed to make the cleaning much easier and quicker. The task of mopping the floor suddenly didn’t feel like much of a task at all.

The shine that was left on our floor after mopping was sparkly clean. As we checked corners of the floor, we confirmed nothing was pushed around but picked up by the Tornado Mop instead.

We used to prefer any floor cleaning option except a mop. Cleaning the mop after cleaning the floor just seemed like an added task. Plus, if we didn’t clean it well enough or let it dry out, it tangled and smelled.

The Libman Tornado Mop stayed untangled. It was easy to rinse and clean after our cleanup was complete. But, most of all, its yarn is specifically made to be resistant to odor causing bacteria.

So, if you haven’t gotten the gist from the information above, we were thoroughly impressed with our Tornado Mop.

Reasons We Love Our Libman Tornado Mop for Cleaning:

  1. Easy to use, easy to clean.

  2. Clean, streak-free floors.

  3. Affordable.

  4. Efficient clean-up = more time with family.

  5. A clean house is a happy house (at least for us).

  6. It is produced in the USA.

  7. The Libman Company is a family owned business.

  8. Odor-causing bacteria resistant = less money on air refreshers.

Reasons Why You Should Love The Libman Tornado Mop (and other products) for Cleaning:

  1. All the reasons above.

  2. Plus, a $3-off coupon available to those who sign up for The Libman Company newsletter. Score!

Make cleaning easier around your house with The Libman Company. We’re so happy we did!

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