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The Secret Society of Moms

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I bet you didn’t know you were in a secret society? Why didn’t you know? Well, because you were inducted and became an elite member before you even knew it existed.

But, I bet you didn’t realize that elite membership comes at a price. You will be judged and criticized for everything you do, no matter the intention. The competition, even if unwanted, is always there and can be brutal. Comments and unwanted advice will make you second guess decisions. Members of the secret society will be the first ones to bring you down.

However, it’s all about how you value the secret society. Sure, there are some members that will cut you down, critique your actions, and question your worth. But, there are so many more that will build you up and have your back. Most members, if you find the right ones to side with, will be your strongest and sometimes first supporters. They will give you a real or virtual fist pump on the smallest victories. Because, the truth is, those members get it.

The secret society members that support you and bring out your positive attitude are the ones who understand. They have been there before and see your struggles and celebrate your achievements. They give you the kind of advice you may have not asked for but didn’t realize you really needed. Those members see the best in you and all your efforts. Your success brings them happiness.

See this society isn’t really a secret at all. You see them at sitting at the park, standing outside school, driving caravans, meeting for coffee, running meetings, or even writing blogs. The secret, not-so-secret, society is one you always wanted to be inducted into. Hell, you probably thought you could be a hall of fame-r. But, you learned, probably quicker than you were ready, that there is no winning in this secret society. This secret society praises moments and steps toward progress. But, just like other high achievers in life, it also has it’s critics. Oh, so many critics.

The one thing that is so very different about this secret society is you can never leave. Once you are inducted, you are a member for life. And even with all its’ hardships, struggles, and seemingly impossible days, you wouldn’t have it any other way. This membership is your new life and you’re just trying your best to navigate through it.

So, lean on those members ready to support you. Find the ones who are understanding instead of judging. Because being a member has its’ perks. Enjoy them as long as you can.

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