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Tired of Looking Tired {A Little Help From VIIcode}

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by VIIcode and contains affiliate links. I may have received free product or commission from VIIcode. However, I only write about products and services I truly love. All opinions are my own. 

I’ve written before about ways to defy my age. It’s true about turning 32. There was something that happened with me that made me just feel more… tired. My kids didn’t change. Their sleep schedules didn’t change. I did. But, I’m tired of being tired.

The only thing I can imagine as the reason: putting too much on myself. I just can’t handle it as well as I used to… it’s more exhausting now. But, does that mean I’m going to cut back? Likely not.

So, how am I going to do it all but still look like I can? VIIcode.

Benefits with VIIcode

  1. Results – Adding hydration and oxygen back to eyes that look tired and puffy, there were noticeable differences in just one application. I could literally feel the eye mask doing it’s job as I laid in bed.

  2. Natural ingredients – using vitamins, herbs, proteins and other natural ingredients, the eye mask soothed my eyes without any irritation. The irritation factor for me was a big deal. Living with super sensitive skin has always made me anxious to try anything, especially on my face. Having a treatment that isn’t full of chemicals helped make me feel comfortable applying it to my skin.

  3. Effortless – It works while you sleep. The eye mask can be applied for up to 8 hours. I put it on before bed and wake up feeling and looking rested.

  4. Stability – The eye mask stays in place, unlike other overnight products I have used, these stay in place no matter how I sleep. The soft padding feels extremely comfortable under my eyes.

  5. Passion – The research and passion of VIIcode that is behind each product bleeds through their site. It is well thought out and easy to follow.

  6. Information – VIIcode’s site details each ingredient listed in any of its products. Each ingredient is detailed and its use is explained, along with its overall rating.

  7. History – The background of VIIcode and its inspiration is based historically in royalty. This company basis of the product is what has worked for over 200 years to make royalty beautiful.

  8. Customer service – It’s there. It’s available. It’s easy to use. Their FAQ page and contact details make you feel connected to the company.

As a busy mom just trying to maintain some sort of balance is a priority. But, looking fresh and ready to tackle the world shouldn’t have to be. I know I should get more sleep, but lets face it, I’m a parent. VIIcode isn’t just a ageless application, but it has helped restore my confidence too.

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