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When A Stranger Changed My Family’s Trajectory

A few months ago, my family’s trajectory could have been drastically changed. My husband and I had a pretty big financial decision to make and I was going to be the deciding factor. The timing was awful but there seemed to be a large benefit for us. I was literally losing sleep over the decision. More often than not, I am putting others before myself. So, when my husband told me that this final decision was up to me, I started to go a little crazy.

Until, one day when I ran into a complete stranger. I was alone, without my husband or the kids; a complete rarity. We shared pleasantries while waiting for coffee and realized we had a few things in common; married, kids, career (but mostly that we were fellow Spartan grads). As we sat at our separate tables, occasionally sharing thoughts, he shared with me a difficult decision he needed to make soon. It was like he opened a door for me.

I smiled back at him and shared with him my current dilemma  After we spoke a little more and shared insights with each other, he looked down at my bracelet, pointed, and said “well, we just have to ask Him for help now, don’t we?”

It actually stopped me in my tracks. This isn’t the first time someone has noticed and connected with me over my ‘Megan bracelet’ (as Maddie has affectionately named it). For those that don’t know, my Megan bracelet is after Megan Schroeder. She was my youngest brother’s best friend and became a friend to my daughter, Maddie. Cancer took her far too young, at the age of just 19, but not without a fight. So, I continue to wear my Megan bracelet which states “Fight the Fight” and has a bible quote on it from Job 5:6-9.

After fighting back tears, I touched my bracelet and said “you’re right. That’s exactly what we both need to do. Good luck. I hope you find what you are looking for.”

That next week I had the strong desire to visit with Megan’s mom, Michelle and share this story with her. We spent time together and Maddie and Jack got a chance to visit. After leaving, I continued to think about my pending decision. Every person I had spoken to, told me the decision was mine to make. But, this stranger led me to a path I would not normally have taken. That night, I prayed. I prayed to help me make the right decision for my family, and I asked Megan for a little help.

When I woke up the next day, I had an overwhelming feeling that I knew what to do. The decision I thought I would be making, was no longer the right choice. Something about it no longer felt right. I just knew it. Sometimes, the benefit does not outweigh the cost. Sometimes staying right where we are is the best thing we can do.

It was less than a week after making my final decision that I realized I made the right one. I don’t know what decision the stranger chose, but I will be forever grateful for his influence that day.

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