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When Bad Things Happen to Good Cars {How to Restore The Scent with Refresh Your Car®}

This post is sponsored by Refresh Your Car®! but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Have you ever had a smell in your car that is off but you can’t seem to figure it out? Well, with little kids that is not terribly unusual. However, in my car, this was strange. You see, I’m not a huge proponent of eating in the car. It’s one thing to have some crackers or muffins but all other food is eaten outside the car for this very reason. It actually gags me a little if I find old food crusted somewhere. Call me a neat freak or crazy, but it’s just a rule I’ve always had.

So, when I started to notice a funky smell in my car, I knew something was off. Then, I remembered last week when I returned home from the grocery store, I was missing an item. I scoured the fridge and even grabbed the receipt out of the trash (ew!) to see if I was officially going crazy. Nope. I wasn’t. There on the receipt was a charge for sausage links that I planned to make for our favorite “breakfast for dinner.” But, there were no sausage links in my house anywhere.

I searched the car and in the pantry just in case I wasn’t thinking or was a bit distracted when putting groceries away. Nothing. I must have left the sausage links at checkout.

But, now my car has a faint funky smell and I’m convinced it is those sausage links. So, when I got home, we tore apart my car and flipped all the seats. Finally, my senses were affirmed when in between the third row and second row of seats, hidden where I couldn’t see unless I was looking well, were the sausage links. As satisfied as I was that I wasn’t going crazy, this still didn’t help the funky smell in my car from week-old sausage links.

Getting My Car Back to Normal…

Thankfully, I grabbed some vent sticks from Refresh Your Car® to help restore the scent in my car. Since summer is just around the corner, I grabbed the Fresh Strawberry and Cool Lemonade™ dual scent. It literally smells exactly like I imagined summer would. The dual scent is perfected paired together and smells a heck of a lot better than spoiled sausage links.

The availability of options from the Refresh Your Car® Brand was perfect for anyone’s tastes and moods. If, like me, you want a more summer smell, than you would love the Fresh Strawberry and Cool Lemonade™. But, maybe you are more of a traditionalist and prefer a Lexol® Leather scent or Fresh Linen. Well, you can have that too!

Refresh Your Car® products combat and eliminate foul, odors, kill bacteria (like Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph) and Enterobacter Aerogenes), and leave behind a variety of fresh scents. It makes for a much more enjoyable ride when you spend as much time as me in the car.

Keeping It Clean…

With summer is just around the corner, it’s time to finally clean out the car. All winter the windows have been up and the opportunity to clean it out in the cold hasn’t existed. Even without my sausage link mishap, my relatively new car has lost its new car smell. But, now with Refresh Your Car® vent sticks and mini diffusers, I can choose from a large variety of scents. Each long-lasting scent helps keep my car fresh.

In addition to the wide variety of scents, I loved the ease of finding the Refresh Your Car® products at my local Target, Walmart, Walgreens or local auto part stores. (Find your nearest retailer here!) I can quickly change up a scent for whatever mood I’m looking for in my car.

To share my love for this product, I’m hosting a giveaway over on my instagram, make sure you follow the steps to enter for a chance to win free product!

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