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When History Repeats Itself {In The Best Possible Way}

Normally, when you hear the phrase ‘when history repeats itself’, it’s used in a negative connotation. However, in my case, it’s turning out in the best possible way.

Most people assume in order to have a built-in best friend, you need to have a sister-sister or brother-brother relationship. We do get comments, regarding our kids, on how great it is that we have one of each, but no one ever says anything about them being friends forever. I know they will be… because if they are anything like my past, history will repeat itself.

Let me explain…

The Younger Years

For the first three wonderful years of my life, I was the center of my parents attention. I was the light of their life and I was their everything. I was perfect and no one, I repeat no one was sharing in my spot light. Then he came along.

This big linebacker of a baby entered into my life and stole cute glances and made me second fiddle. He was the new kid in town and stealing my spot light. What I didn’t know then, but I would start to see, he wasn’t going anywhere.

Sure, the next few years were okay and we had our moments. But, for the most part, we hated each other’s guts. He loved to play outside and run around. I wanted to play with Barbie dolls. Anytime we fought, I made sure to bring on the tears. Hard. We both usually ended up in trouble and hugging it out, which was awful (thank god the internet was not around yet – my parents would have jumped at the chance to put us in a get along shirt).

The Growing Years

Something changed when we both hit high school at the same time. Suddenly, my friends found my brother cool. It was the strangest thing. But, this also forced us to start talking about the same things. Which also made me realize that he wasn’t so bad.

Suddenly, my brother was not just this annoying little pest that always seemed to get me in trouble. But, instead, he was someone I could relate to, a partner-in-crime at home and school, and even more so maybe a friend.

As I went off to college we grew closer and he grew taller. Now, my little brother was my big protector. When I started hanging out with my (now) husband, he was the first one to really question him. My husband still mentions that to this day. He’s pretty sure my brother was ready to pull the protective, younger, big brother card on him if necessary. Luckily, that was never the case.

The Grown-Up Years

Now that we are both married with kids, it is crazy to see how much our lives have changed but yet not that much at all. We still can go to each other for advice or sit in a room and talk. We can still be ridiculous and find the dumbest things the funniest of all. There are times we will disagree but we always know in the end we have each other’s back.

As I sit here and watch my daughter and son enjoy a quite moment playing together, I try to hold onto what could be for their future. I know this moment might be fleeting. In two seconds, they will likely be arguing about that same toy they are playing so nicely with now.

But, I know my daughter isn’t missing out on a built-in friend by not have a sister and neither is my son for not having a brother. Sure, there will be some hard times where she might feel like her spotlight is stolen. He might want her to play outside and she might want play with Barbies. But, I know one day, they will understand and appreciate each other. They will have their own set of growing years and they too will have a forever best friend.

Like I said… sometimes, history can repeat itself, in the best possible way.

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