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When Life Feels Overwhelming, We Dance

Life as Mom can be overwhelming. Really overwhelming. Whether it is something in everyday life that has you consumed, or just getting a decent dinner on the table (and actually eaten), it can be a lot. So sometimes, instead of stopping to smell the roses, we dance.

Instead of slaving over the stove, we eat leftovers heated in the microwave, and dance.

Instead of making sure the dishes have been loaded into the dishwasher, we let them pile up in the sink, and dance.

Instead of putting the toys away that are scattered all over the floor, we move to another room, and dance.

Sometimes we choose some dance party mixes and everyone lets loose. The kids jump around and also make fun of my apparent mom moves that I think still look cool.

Sometimes the kids win and we dance around to their favorite Disney soundtracks.

Other times, we take it easy and put on something relaxing and slow dance like no one is watching.

The time we take to dance together allows our kids to have fun and allows us to let go. We let go of our stresses from the day behind us. We let go of our worries of the days ahead of us. We let go and dance.

Most importantly, my kids see, as silly as it may seem, their parents and how they fell in love and are still in love. Our love story was based on and continued to revolve around a shared love of a great song. Leave it to the two of us to be on the dance floor at any wedding celebration dancing to anything with a great beat.

So when the kids see us out of our normal “parenting” element, it’s kind of nice. We relax, we smile, we laugh, and we dance.

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