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Why Everyone Should Have a Fitting Room {Mini} Coach

Generally speaking, I tend to do most of my shopping online. Since having kids, it’s just easier. I know my size and if I don’t like it, I can return it easily. After having kids, I also hate fitting rooms. Not only do I not have the additional time to try on outfits, but I never enjoy viewing all those angles in the 7 mirrors that are apparently necessary.

Recently, I needed an outfit in a pinch. I didn’t plan ahead and had to quickly run out to the store and find something cute. I tried to sneak away but my daughter gave me her “mom, please take me with you eyes” and I just couldn’t say no.

As I begrudgingly sorted through the options of outfits in my section, my daughter saw something different. Her positive outlook coached me into a better one.

Ooohhh, momma! Look at this one. This is cute!” 

“Momma, this would look good on you!”

”I like this one!”

She was like my fashion coach right along with me. We walked to the fitting room ready to try on my options. But, I could feel my positive outlook fading. All my reminders and negative connotations of fitting rooms were coming back. I was ready for each outfit to look horrible.

Best thing about having a 4-year-old in the fitting room with you? Honesty. Not brutal honesty. But, this sweet, truly wanting the best for you, honesty.

Each item I tried on, she genuinely reviewed it up and down. She wasn’t looking at how it fit or if it made me look like I was trying too hard. All she cared about was if she thought it was cute or not.

Momma, those sparkles are cute!”

”That one is too much black.”

”I like the jacket with that one, Momma!”

Again, here I was getting my attitude adjusted by my 4-year-old. I was fully preparing myself for a miserable time spent in the fitting room; judging myself and my body. Instead, my fitting room {mini} coach helped pump me up and inspire me to pick the right fashion for me.

If you get the opportunity, take a fitting room {mini} coach with you the next time you need a new outfit. Mine improved my whole outlook!

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